Relocation ~ when moving across town isn't enough of a challenge

We get it.  Sometimes your job decides it is time for you to go.  Sometimes, a new opportunity presents itself and you want to take advantage.  Sometimes, the desire to be near family necessitates a move.  Whatever the case may be, you are now facing down a move into a totally new place.


An unfamiliar area presents you a set of challenges.  What schools have jazz band programs in the high school for my son?  Where can I dock my pontoon boat at my own pier?  Is there a municipality that will allow me AND my six dogs?  Where can I have my own well, rather than city water?  Where can I build on less than an acre without being in a subdivision?

You need someone familiar enough with the area that these questions are easily answered.  (And for the record, every one of these questions have been asked of me..... and satisfactorily answered.)




But what about schools?  Which districts are best?



When moving to a new area, most families find that schools are a very important consideration in their decision making process.  But asking people can be prejudicial~ there are so many variables, and anecdotal stories, and prejudices both for and against certain schools, districts, and teachers.  You know who doesn't have a pre-existing bias?  The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  They thoughtfully grade individual schools and districts so that you can make the best decision for your children.


Curious how the schools you are considering scored?

When You Have To Move.....                                               but you can't be here in person to see a home

Sometimes, your job or your family obligations make a move necessary, and you need to find a home, but you can't get to the area to tour.  While that is never the optimal situation, there are ways to "see" homes without being there in person.


One service that I offer is video touring.  I walk through a home with my iPad, treating it like any showing that you have in person.  I talk about what I see, what I hear, what I smell in the home.  I look at floors, ceilings, walls, appliances, electrical boxes, garages, neighborhoods.... you name it, I video it, and talk you through exactly what I see.  I then upload the video to YouTube, and you can watch it as many times as it takes for you to make a decision on whether it will fit your family.








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