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Anne Baranski

Broker Associate


Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and home sales. Loves her clients.



Becky Cherek

REALTOR® & Executive Administration

Experienced client services provider, transaction coordinator, and Realtor.  Holds office together on the daily.



Nancy Keith


Experienced Realtor, proficient in American Sign Language, teacher of the deaf.


Relocation Director

Helps make your move smooth and easy. Will eat your food.

The Furry Hoard

Co- Chief Executive Barkers

Typical bacon connoisseurs. Significant experience in barking and negotiating constant belly rubs.


Forever Home Real Estate



The world of real estate has been a wild ride for Anne.  Armed with zero knowledge at all, aside from the prescribed classes and passing a test, she hit the ground running, and never looked back.  In her first year in real estate, she was chosen the Bunbury and Associates corporate realtor of the year by the owners of the company for her strong showing of 17 closings.  In year four, Anne reached her ten year goal of cracking the top 5% of the South Central Wisconsin MLS in terms of volume. She also got her broker’s license that year, just because she could.  She was chosen from all the realtors in Wisconsin as one of three Top Producers, and presented in a panel at the 2018 Realtors Convention.  

Anne believe much of her success in real estate is seated in the fact that she doesn't believe real estate is a sales industry.  Instead, she understands that being a realtor is a service job, and strives to serve her clients to the very best of her ability.  With the strong backing of her brokerage, her sense of humor, and the belief that Realtors don’t sell homes, they help their friends realize their dreams, Anne has helped hundreds of people successfully buy and sell homes.

Anne believes in sharing her time and talent with those around her.  She currently sits on the boards of several local non-profits, including a mental health and addictions golf outing, a social services annual ball, the realtors association board, and a pet rescue; she works with my local community outreach, she volunteers with the local swim and dive teams at major meets, and is the lifeguard captain for Ironman Wisconsin.

Anne is an alumnus of THE Ohio State University, and credits her English degree with her penchant for precise spelling, punctuation, and syntax.  She (and her eight adopted dogs) are strong advocates for animal rescue.

Anne's dream job is selling homes to amazing friends, and finding homes for homeless dogs.  She is lucky to be able to realize her dreams every day.

FOREVER HOME REAL ESTATE has all the charm and appeal of a local family company, and all the knowledge and power of a large brokerage!  Powered by Badger Realty Team, Anne and her team will guide you through every aspect of the purchase or sale of your home.

Anne utilizes a multi-directional, thoughful approach to selling your home, from marketing  to advertising to social media.  She considers all of the factors in getting your particular home sold, and adjusts to your specific needs, choosing from an arsenal of tools to craft the perfect plan for attracting new owners.  She prides herself on finding creative ways to market niche homes that will need a buyer with a very specific set of requirements.

When working with purchasers, Anne and her team painstakingly search the MLS by hand multiple times a day, so that the homes that are forwarded to buyers are as perfect a fit as possible with the criteria given.  Anne routinely works with agents from both her own agency and other companies to keep ahead of the curve, so that if something that fits her clients' needs is coming, she knows what is coming.  She thinks outside the box, and presents as many homes as possible for buyers to choose from.

Anne is an expert negotiator, and will let you know not only what the market bears out as a purchase price for your dream home, but also what that means in correlation to the asking price of the home, so that you can best decide how much you want to offer for that house.  Her excellent relationships with other agents in the area gives her an added advantage in securing your dream home: in short, Anne is one of the Realtors that other agents look forward to working with.


We serve the greater Madison area, and all of south central Wisconsin.  From Lakefront to Woodland, from dream home to vacation home, make Forever Home YOUR connection to the world of real estate.  


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Anne Baranski

Broker Associate, Realtor


I have lived all over the upper midwest, but my heart belongs to Wisconsin.  Born in Oshkosh, and having lived in Sun Prairie for nearly 20 years, I am very familiar with the Madison metro markets, and all that the cities and towns here have to offer. Having explored south central Wisconsin in depth over the course of my real estate careet, I know that each city, town, and village has it's own character and personality. 


I love what I do.  I truly enjoy helping people find the property that suits them best, and making the transaction a smooth, easy one.  The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of finding the perfect home, and the exhilaration of securing the home for my clients are some of the best feelings in the world... and my competitive side stands up and cheers every single success.


I am heavily involved in dog rescue, and currently have six dogs, ranging in age from 18 months to 17 years old.  "Super Senior" rescues hold a special place in my heart, and are my biggest weakness.  My last adoption was a 16 year old puppy mill breeder girl who came to me emaciated, with only one tooth left in her mouth, terrified of everything.  She is now a loud, spunky member of the pack, and has decided that while she is not the alpha of the [-pack, she can and will put the alpha in his place when the whim strikes.

I believe that the world is not about us, it is about what we can do for others.  I spend much time, talent, and treasure supporting worthy causes in my community, including Tellurian, Sunshine Place, the All City Swim and Dive League, Sun Prairie Schools, DECA, and Ironman Wisconsin.

I would love to chat with you about your passions, and how you get involved in the world around you.  Give me a call and we can chat about those things.... and maybe real estate too.


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